There are many Macbeth research paper topics to focus on

It is interesting to note that Literature students are quite intimidated when they begin writing a Macbeth essay or research paper. This is because there are so many layers to the story that it is indeed difficult to limit yourself to a short bit of writing. You could go just on and on, talking about all sorts of themes and characters in the play and commenting on the state of mind of the characters as well the general psyche of the society they lived in. There is therefore, ample scope for a Macbeth research paper of any length.

Some topics for a research paper:

Let us look at some of the possible topics that your teacher could ask you to do, while studying one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays:

  1. You could critically examine the character of Lady Macbeth. Was she a conniving woman who would go to any extent to get what she wanted? Why was she pushed to kill herself at the end? Did she actually bite off a little more that she could chew? – you could think of either one or all of these questions and do a complete research paper.
  2. The theme of treachery and betrayal is one that is highlighted right through the play – your research could be to examine the relative importance of the play in modern times. Could you think of the play as a political commentary and give a hypothetical view of what it could be in a modern setting? This could be a very complex question, but one that can be answered well, if you really put your mind to it.
  3. Is the entire drama part of destiny for all the characters concerned? If one were to answer this in the negative, it would be interesting to examine the reasons for the answer in your Macbeth research paper.

Critical observations:

Any research paper writing is incomplete without a thorough examination and re-examination of the subject matter. In this case, it is important to be aware of all the criticism that has been written by Shakespearean critics. Without this kind of insight, it would be very difficult to write any kind of research paper. The student needs to understand that research involves the critiquing of the subject matter too. You need to understand the full import of Shakespeare’s word-craft in order to make complete sense of the play.


Another important feature of Macbeth is the use of allegory and symbolism. It is common for writers to come up with metaphorical situations and phrases that convey a meaning that is not openly stated. This is the very purpose of using a metaphor. In literature, it is a common practice to do so; students need to understand this kind of literary allusions so that they get a grip on the writing and are in no doubt as to the actual meaning of the Bard.

Extensive research:

Reading around the subject is important when you want to write a Macbeth research paper. Reading about the history of England would prove to be a fruitful effort, while writing such a research paper.