Most marketing research papers focus on various aspects of marketing and branding strategies

In order to understand what marketing research papers focus on, it is important for the student to understand the difference between a paper on market research and a paper on marketing. This piece of writing aims at providing useful tips on how to deal with various topics in the field of marketing and branding strategies.

The meaning and scope of marketing:

However good a product is, it is important for the manufacturer to impress upon the potential buyer, the need to buy and use the product. Marketing helps the buyer achieve this. The principles or marketing theories go into great detail into the whys and the hows of marketing, trying to make the job of the entrepreneur, a much easier one.

In the last couple of decades, marketing has risen to great importance and is probably the chief function that an organisation has to achieve. Staying afloat in a competitive market is important and marketing does just that. If a student is not familiar with the basic marketing concepts, he will not be able to do a good research paper in marketing or any other sub-section in this field.

Research and marketing:

Doing research paper writing on marketing or its allied topics, gains significance for students of Business Management, Operational Research and other such subjects. If the research paper is being done as part of a course, a degree or a diploma, it is important for the student to understand the scope of the study that is to be undertaken.

The student needs to know whether primary data has to be collected and collated and if so, what methods need to be used. If the research is undertaken as part of a dissertation submitted for a doctoral degree, then the level and scope of research would be much more.

Possible components of the research paper:

The student could focus on one or more of the following marketing research papers:

  • The optimum marketing mix of products that are manufactured in a particular organization
  • The marketing strategy that is used in a particular area, with a view to targeting a specific user group
  • The marketing techniques that have been adopted by an entrepreneur – are they good enough or should they be rethought and reworked, to get better results?
  • Research into the various marketing theories and principles that have been in vogue for hitherto. Pointing out the lacunae in these and suggestions for a better and workable marketing theory

Style and presentation:

Any paper that gives a lot of facts and figures should be presented in a neat and easy-to-understand fashion. For instance, long paragraphs would not be suitable in marketing research papers. The reader would find this tiresome and it would be also quite difficult for him to retain the facts in his mind. It is a lot better to think of bringing in as many pictorial representations as possible to make your point. They are easier on the eye and bring the message to the reader much quicker. Do your research well before your begin writing your research paper on marketing.