Tackle your MLA format research papers with our guidance

mla format research paperIf you could go through the points that we have mentioned here regarding an MLA format research paper, it is certain to help you. From pagination to the recording of various sources which you have included in your paper, this write up will give you a lot of info that is bound to increase confidence levels. There are many facets to an MLA paper that you have to think about. Sources are the not the only thing that can give you sleepless nights; even a simple thing like subheadings and main headings can keep you awake. So read on and find out more and make sure you are more confident you are at the end of it all.

1              Titles in an MLA paper

When you bring in the main heading or the title into your writing, make sure that you write it in Title case. This means that all the important words in the title begin with a capital letter. Please do not use block letters. This is not accepted in an MLA paper.

2              Student details on first page

If you are writing MLA format research papers, you need to have details such as your name, your professor’s name, the details of the course you are doing and the date of submission. All these details need to be placed one below the other in the order mentioned, in the top left-hand corner of the page. Take a look at the sample on our site, if you are not too sure about the positioning.

3              Sources

Let us imagine that you are putting in a citation from a specific source. You have taken a quote out of a book written by John Smith. You need to make sure that at the end of the quote, you have within brackets, the name Smith followed by a space and then by the page number. This is the way in-text citations are made in an MLA format research paper.

4              Figures, graphs and pictures

When you are trying to bring in a couple of pictures, graphs or figures into your paper, make sure you number them appropriately. You can use a numbering such as Fig 1, Fig 2… you also need to give a brief description below the picture. Also remember that when you put down pictures or graphs like this, you need to enumerate them at the end of the paper on a separate page.

5              Spacing and fonts

Most MLA papers are written in double line spacing unless otherwise specified by the college or the subject teacher. It is also advisable to stick to a fairly simple font. Times New Roman, Arial and Verdana are commonly used fonts. Of course, you might think that the Comic Sans font or the Georgia look good on paper – but this might not be suitable for an academic paper.

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