MLA Term Paper Formats – Follow the rules

If you are keen on learning how to write a good MLA term paper, you need to remember the rules of formatting. There are different rules to be borne in mind, regarding margins, fonts, paper size, paragraphs and so on. If you are able to ensure that these rules are followed right through the paper, you do not have worry about your grades at all. A term paper that follows the MLA Term Paper Format and contains info in line with the specifications, is sure to win a straight A. This writing service company has the right kind of writer who can help you make this a reality.

In the last couple of years, there have been a few changes in the MLA Term Paper Formats that have been used by students. These are some of the points that one needs to keep in mind while citing sources according to the MLA formatting and citation rules –

1.   If you have to quote a line from a newspaper, this is the format you would have to follow on the ‘Works Cited’ page:

De Mello, John. “Years spent in Colarado: The best time of my life.” The Herald 30th March 1999. A3+. Print.

This refers to an article that appeared in The Herald (a newspaper), on the 30th of March 1999. Please note the order of the information given. The name of the author is followed by the name of the article, the newspaper, the date and the medium of information. In this case, it is the print media.

2.   If you are going to use a reference from a particular book, you will have to write it as follows

Oates, David. The Crystal Ball. New York: Pocket. 1999. Print.

This refers to the book, The Crystal Ball, written by David Oates, published by Pocket in New York in the year 1999. The word ‘print’ denotes that this book is available only in the print media.

3.   In the case of a book that appears only on the net, the word ‘print’ will be replaced by the word ‘web’. This could be an e-book or brochure that is not available in the print media.

Please note that these examples that are given above are purely fictional and are described just to give you an idea of what references and sources would l0ok like when they are cited according to the MLA Term Paper Format.

Once you are able to understand the subtle differences in citation styles, you will be able to produce a well written paper. Please also remember that maintaining a proper and consistent citation style is one of the rubrics for the evaluation of term papers, research papers and essays. It would be important for you to know that these are in place in most institutions, irrespective of the academic level.

Since all term papers and research papers need to follow some format or the other, we ensure that our writers are familiar with both MLA Term Paper Formats as well as other well-known styles such as APA, Chicago and Harvard. Get in touch with us for all your writing needs.