When you work on outlines of research papers, remember to keep citation styles in mind

outline of research paperWriting outlines could be easy to do, provided you have the right kind of professional advice to do so. There are so many intricacies that you need to keep a tab on that it could become quite a challenging thing for you to work on, if you are not careful. From citations to research methods, thesis statements to references…the list is just about never-ending! With our help, you can learn the basics of preparing an outline of research paper writing and go on to write a paper in the best possible way.

The example to help you learn better

Let us imagine that you are an English Literature student. You are working on the famous writer and poet William Shakespeare. You are asked to do a research paper on one of his best known works – King Lear. You realize that you have to work on the theme of retribution that finds a place in the play. Though you have read the play and understood the theme that is mentioned in the research question, you realize that writing outlines of research papers could be a lot more than you bargained for. What is the next course of action? You have only two paths to choose from. You could struggle on your own and finish it at the cost of losing sleep, patience, time and much more. The other option would be to give us a call and find more points. We are sure that you will be wise enough to choose the latter option!

Some points to help you with the outline

Please note that this is not the outline as such. These are points that will help you frame an outline that is just right for your paper.

1/-   In the run up to your paper, make sure that you introduce the focal point of the research question. Since it is about retribution, you could bring in a suitable quote. Provide for the inclusion of this in the outline of research paper writing you do.

2/-   Take some time to frame the thesis statement in an appropriate way. Since this is a research paper topic that is not very new, you need to take extra pains to ensure that your statement is well-structured.

3/-   Your outline should provide for the Literature Review, at this stage. Here, you might have to cite works of researchers and writes. Learn how to cite research paper, books, critics and so on.

4/-   As you go through the outline, it is prudent to avoid any wastage of time. In line with this bit of advice, remember that with the right research paper outline rubric, things could be easier.

5/-   Your outline should also provide for the inclusion of the right methods that you will be adopting to research into the theme of retribution.

There are other aspects of preparing outlines of research papers that you need to be concerned with. If you are not too sure about this, we suggest that you get in touch with our writers. We can customize an outline to suit your paper.