Research paper writing can have different styles. If you want to present your research in a convincing manner then choose the persuasive research paper writing style. One needs to distinguish between argumentative research paper writing style and persuasive research paper writing style since these two often get mixed up. Argumentative research style uses arguments to prove your point while persuasive style is used to influence the views, thoughts or actions of the reader through the different writing tools. Persuasion is basically a skill used by various professions like teachers, solicitors or journalists.

General principles of persuasive writing:
1. To start with, the composition of the research paper itself should speak about the topic of research. A persuasive research paper should be analytical in nature and hence a persuasive research paper topic should be carefully chosen. In addition, keep in mind that research and practice are the two sides of the same coin, hence the topic should capture attention and can be put into practice.
2. Usually when you choose to use a persuasive research writing style, you need to support one side of the topic question.
3. One important factor to look out before choosing this writing style is to understand and verify your own research evidence. The research evidence should be substantial to support your persuasion and at the same time this evidence should be verifiable.
4. Use the tool of “reasoning” properly to support your persuasion. There can be two types of reasoning:
• Induction: This type of reasoning supports a common conclusion by probing specific information.
• Deduction: This commences with a general principle and then through specific observations or facts about a case draws an exact conclusion from it. The derived conclusion or minor premise is actually a smaller part of the general principle which is often called the major premise.
5. The pro-con effect: It is important not to overlook the opposing side of the topic too while drafting a persuasive research paper. In case you are supporting a certain theory, consider the views which are against the theory. Developing an opposing argument is equally important.
6. Once the opposing views are clearly mentioned, put forward the disagreements and reasons supporting the same.
7. One needs to perform a balancing act and not get carried away by emotions during persuasion. A logical way to present views and ideas is always more appealing to the audience.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to put down the thoughts together even though your ideas are concrete. In such case it is advisable to get some research paper help to understand the persuasive research paper style of writing.