Research paper abstract- A summary of your work

A research paper abstract is an essence of the research paper itself, written for a specific purpose and in very precise words and would only be written if asked for. Often professors ask students to write an abstract which would explain in simple and precise terms, the purpose of the research and the conclusion. Sometimes, before going through the research paper itself, readers often prefer to go through the research paper abstracts which help them in choosing which research paper to pursue further. A typical abstract should provide the following information:

  • The purpose of investigation or research
  • The problem statement considered
  • Relevance of problem at hand
  • Results of research
  • Important conclusions drawn from your research

Students should not include the following in abstracts unless specified by your college:

  • Methodology used
  • Primary and secondary sources of information
  • Data analysis
  • Bibliography

While writing an abstract, you need to be especially careful about economic use of words since a research paper abstract generally does not go beyond one paragraph or 200 – 300 words. You must be wondering at this point of time, how to fit in so many words in just a paragraph and at the same time provide all the required information to the readers to captivate their interest! It is indeed a knotty task but needs to be completed if demand is there.

Because research paper abstracts are summaries of a research paper, students need to write the research paper before they can create the abstract. The research paper needs to have a very clear focus and direction in order for a student to be able to properly summarize the paper. For example, if the student does not really know what the point of the research paper is, the student would have a hard time summarizing the paper

An abstract section is followed by an introduction which at this point of time might sound very similar to you. It is actually very similar to introduction with an exception that abstracts provide an overview of the whole research including conclusions while introductions do not mention conclusions but just an overture to the concept of investigation. Always remember that background information should be limited in an abstract and it should only be to the point information mainly revolving around the conclusions of your research. Sometimes, it also helps students if they review their research paper outline to get a better insight of what to put in their abstract section.

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