Use SIPOC to organise your research paper activities

Right from the time you take up the research paper writing assignment, your time starts ticking. It is like racing against time as your stopwatch is ticking away faster than you can actually imagine. Here is when you need to first need to organise your research paper activities and then work ahead. If you organise well, it is much easier to complete your assignment in time.

Here is where you can use SIPOC to organise your work. SIPOC is a six sigma tool which helps you to organise many processes. Since research paper writing is also a process in itself, SIPOC can help you in many ways in organising your research paper activities.

SIPOC stands for:

Supplier- Who is the supplier of inputs to the process- For example in research paper writing, supplier will be the various sources of information that you are planning to check for extracting information for your papers.

Inputs- what are the actual inputs to the process- what are the specific forms of inputs that you can have for your process. Like, do you want to use primary materials like quizzes, questionnaires or use only secondary forms of information like magazines, TV, other media.

Process- How is the process performed of converting the inputs to outputs? The following refers to a typical research paper activities that you have.
· Idea generation
· Topic selection
· Data collection
· Converting data into information
· Discovering the right methodology (depends on the supplier and inputs)
· Selecting the relevant analytical tools
· Application of all the tools identified
· Writing
· Formatting
· Reviewing

Out of all the research paper activities mentioned here, formatting is one of the areas where you would need to pick up a different skill set depending on the kind of format or research paper writing style you have been asked to use. It can be either APA, MLA or Turbian style of writing. It often becomes dreadful if your do not know much about these formats and end up messing up your research paper and remember the fact that time is ticking. Here is where you might need research paper writing services and you can refer to our website anytime.

Outputs- What are the end products of the processes- connecting the conclusion with the rest of the paper.

Customer- Why do we perform the process – to satisfy the end customer requirements. Here your customers are your professors and your evaluators, your readers. Hence before putting down anything in your research paper, always keep this in your mind.

In SIPOC we address every aspect of a process- Who, What, How and Why. Here you end up capturing all relevant aspects of research paper writing hence automatically organising your all research paper activities.

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