Keep the rules of research paper writing in mind while working on your research paper appendices

The research paper appendix is an important part of your research paper. If you have doubts on how to frame it, get in touch with us; we can help you do it well. is a writing firm that believes in providing all imaginable help that a student would require to sail through the process of doing a research paper. In order to do an appendix in the right way, it is necessary to know more about the format of a research paper.

What is an appendix?

When you write a research paper, there might be certain bits of information that are not directly responsible for enhancing the quality of the research paper. However, this info is relevant to the points that you have made and hence should be made available to the evaluator separately. It would not be effective and right if this kind of related info was part of the whole research paper itself. This kind of additional information that is given in a separate section is called an Appendix. As the name suggests, it is an extra piece of information is important enough to merit a place in a research paper, essay, term paper or any other such kind of writing. Research paper appendices are found in most research papers, irrespective of the academic level.

Where is an appendix positioned?

An appendix for research paper needs to be placed right at the end. It is important for the writer to ensure that the Table of Contents has the Appendix listed at the very end. It would be interesting for the new research paper to know that not all research papers have appendices. This is a section that is included only if there is a specific need.

How is an appendix numbered?

If there is a lot of information to be included at the end of a research paper, it is essential that it is segregated properly. Once this is done, you can put it in as Appendix I, Appendix II and so on. This will appear in the same manner in the Table of Contents; make sure arranging the appendix is done properly.

What kind of materials can form part of an appendix?

When you write a research paper you might have a lot of information that is relevant to it. Do remember that it is not necessary to put in all the info that you collect. You need to be quite discerning when you decide on the kind of info that goes into your research paper appendix. Here are some examples of what you can have –

– the primary data that you have collected, based on which you are writing your paper

– some important pictures, which are relevant to the body of your paper

– any map that is required to understand more about the points or places mentioned

– list of formulae or statistical data that has been used in the analysis

– any kind of special experiment, procedure or process that is vital to your research

– list of important items, elements or compounds that you might have used

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