Research paper bibliographies are easy to work on when you have our examples to guide you

No research paper would be considered a complete task if the research paper bibliography was missing. This is one of the most important parts of your research paper because it proves that you have done intensive study on the subject. All research bibliographies have a particular format that is to be followed. Please read on to find out more about this particular section of the research paper.

Bibliographies and references

There is usually a bit of confusion between the two. Students think that it is okay to use these terms interchangeably. In reality, there is a subtle difference between the two that each research scholar should understand while working on research paper bibliographies. It would be easy to explain this with the use of an example.

Let us imagine that you are doing a thesis or a research paper on the poems and life of Langston Hughes, the African American poet. There could be a book that talks extensively about the poet’s early life, his writings and commentaries of his works. This book would be mentioned in the Bibliography. You might refer to another book in the course of your work, which has a bearing on the life and works of the poet. This would be part of the references. Get in touch with us if you are still a bit unsure about this.

Making a Working Bibliography

Before making the final bibliography at the end of the paper, it would be ideal to think of a Working Bibliography. If the scholar’s list of books that he has been making right through the research writing process, the final listing of books and other sources, would be easier to do. Generally, the examiners look for a large Bibliography; this is because, even though the scholars are engaged in ‘specialization’, they are expected to have a wide-based knowledge. This should encompass the background of their chosen field and lot of other related sources that are vital to the study of the topic.

How do you make this task easier? Take a look at these steps

1/-       Though the writing of the Bibliography comes at the end of your writing, it is necessary to think about it at the beginning itself. Since you have the topic with you, it is necessary to pick out those main sources that you will be using.

2/-       Once you have these sources; make sure you have listed them out properly. This would be part of your Working Bibliography. It is wise to use a card system to keep track of the books that you have used in the course of your research.

3/-       As a rule, all the sources the scholar has used and the other material that is considered relevant to the study should be put together in one list.  This will be the research paper bibliography.

4/-       All bibliographical entries should be in the alphabetical order of the last names of the author or editor. The entries are typed with double spaces between each entry.

There are other rules about research paper bibliographies that you need to follow. Get in touch with us for more details on the same.