Research paper bibliography should be kept simple

Research paper bibliography is a note put towards the end of a research paper meant towards explaining the source of various materials used as a reference. The life cycle of a research paper writing demands various materials to be read, collected and researched, a note on all of which needs to be put in your research paper bibliography section. These sources include the following materials:

· Books
· Journals
· Periodicals
· Web pages
· Magazines
· Other research materials previously written
· Documentary films
· Other sources data collection

If you do not report the names of all these sources that you have used for your research work, your work would not be authentic and might appear to be as copied from others’ work.
Mainly one needs to include the name of the publication that he or she has used for the research, its author(s), publication date, publisher, and any page numbers that the student referenced. Especially for internet sites, it is important to mention the date of the information accessed since on web information published can also be modified. Another thing to note is that during research, there might be primary sources or secondary sources for gathering information. You should only make note of only primary research sources in your bibliography and not mention secondary sources. For example, if you have used a certain book which as its own bibliography, you need not copy its bibliography into your own bibliography section.

There are specific formats that students should use for the research paper bibliographies. For example, MLA format requires that the student include the last name of the author, first name, name of publication, publisher, publication date, and pages used. However, each format will be modified for the specific reference. The way a student would reference a magazine is different than the way a student would reference a book. Usually your project guide or your college professor will point out which format a student should use- whether MLA or APA style and you would need to stick to the style of writing through out the research paper.

In case if you are not aware or need to look at samples of research paper bibliographies, you are welcome to use our website for help and make the most of the short time span that you have in hand to complete your assignment.

It is important for students to be aware that when they include a bibliography in their research papers, the bibliography should refer to a specific resource that the student used. In most cases, professors will only allow students to include resources that he or she cited in the actual research paper. Therefore, every entry in the research paper bibliography should link directly to a part of the research paper in which the student used the resource.