Chicago style research papers – Read this before you write

Research paper Chicago style is also known as turabian style research paper and it especially follows a certain style of writing. There is a specific format which even the cover page follows. On the title page, centred on the paper, you include the name of your university, the full title of your paper, the course/class information, your name and date, and any other information that your professor may require. Using footnotes and citations in detail helps reader to instantly understand from where the notes or reference has been picked.

However the main thing to look out for in research paper Chicago style is the footnotes and citation styles. The footnotes and citation styles are also especially different from the regular APA or MLA styles since the citations here provide much more information of the research paper sources than in the other styles. This is one differentiating factor which separates Chicago style from other citation styles since here you need to provide much more details about your references than just author names. Mainly when your college wants you to create research paper Chicago style, they are certainly asking you to use endnotes and footnotes.

However, even in Chicago style research papers, in-text citations that use only the author’s last name, the publication date, and the page number, are used for smaller papers. If the citation style required for the paper is unclear, a student should confer with the instructor or a Chicago style writing guide or check our website for quality help offered by professionals instead of wasting time and trying to look through incorrect sample research papers in Chicago style.

Here you also would find use of a subscript number which are used in Footnotes, endnotes, and content notes. A superscript number is simply a number appearing above the line of text which is in a smaller font than the rest of the text of the paper. Footnotes, endnotes, and content notes can be easily inserted via MS word application when you are creating your research paper on your computer. This also gets added automatically in word application and formats the number as well as the text. In general, footnote text, which appears at the bottom of the page on which the citation appears, is written in 10-point font while the paper font itself is written in 12-point. Endnote text appears at the end of the paper and is written using the same size font as the rest of the paper. The first time a reference is cited using endnotes or footnotes, the citation should include the full citation. An abbreviated citation is used in subsequent uses.

You can always depend on our website for more professional help and sample research paper Chicago style if you have any difficulty in writing and understanding Chicago style completely. It is advisable to seek help first than correcting your mistakes later.