Master research paper citation formats before you begin documenting your research

Ensuring that your research paper citation format is in line with the generally practiced rules of research paper writing is absolutely necessary. In order to ensure that your research paper citation is done properly, it is essential that you fully understand what a citation is. If you are in touch with our writing experts you will find that documentation of research and writing techniques are important to know. You could get the best info from us and ensure that the format of your research citations is perfect in all respects.

What is a citation?

A citation is a reference made to a source of information used directly or indirectly. A footnote is also considered a citation. Every research scholar has to depend on some source or the other at some point in his research. No dissertation or thesis can be entirely your own. Therefore, it is necessary to acknowledge these sources in a proper format and form. These are the research paper citation formats that a scholar has to pay attention to.

Some points about listing out citations

1/-       First ascertain what particular style you are supposed to follow. Your guide or teacher might want you to follow the style of the American Psychological Association (APA) or the Modern Language Association (MLA). These are the two most frequently used citation styles.

2/-       Most styles require the following information to be part of a typical citation. Here are the details:

a/         name of the book, journal or source

b/         name of the author or authors, if applicable

c/         name of publisher

d/         place of publication

e/         year of publication

f/         pages on which the citation appears

3/-       If the source is a website, you need to mention the URL of the website clearly and also include the date on which the same has been viewed and used.

4/-       If you have obtained information from a journal which has a particular volume number, the issue and the volume number have to be mentioned.

5/-       If the citation is from a section of a book that contains the works of many authors, you need to mention the name of the authors, the editors and the title of the section from which the actual citation was taken.

These are just some of the rules that you have to keep in mind while working on your research paper citation format. The point is to use the right format depending upon the nature and subject of your paper. Research papers in science might not follow the same style that research papers in Literature follow. It is therefore necessary to be absolutely sure about styles before concentrating on the format.

This research paper site can help you with research paper structure, irrespective of the topic and subject. If you have doubts about inclusion of citations in the legal research paper format, drop us a mail – we can surely help you out. All you need to remember is that every research paper source you include needs to be cited or given credit in the research paper citation formats that you use.