When your research paper cover pages are good, you make a good impression

research paper cover pageMaking a good impression is necessary at all times; making a good first impression is imperative. When you have a well designed research paper cover page you have made the first step in the right direction. In this article, we would like to tell you how important it is to have a good cover or title page as it is sometimes called. This, of course, depends on the kind of citation style that you are asked to follow. The cover page varies in appearance depending upon the kind of citation style the paper is written in.

Essential details

Given below are the details that appear on cover pages. For the APA and the MLA, the details that appear are more or less the same. There are few differences, the details of which we will go into. At the end of this article, you are going to be quite pleased that you logged on to this helpful site for relevant and updated info. Most research paper cover pages contain the following bits of info –

– The full title of the research paper

– The name of the candidate

– The name of the University to which the paper is being submitted

– The name and other relevant details of the course

– The name of the guide, teacher, instructor or mentor

– The date on which the paper is being submitted

Once you are clear that all these details are available to you, make sure you find the right kind of format to use. If you are not too sure about the prerequisites of each of the main kinds of style or formatting, a mail to us would suffice. You could also go through some of the samples that we have here on this website to clear your doubts.

The MLA style

On the research paper cover page of an MLA paper, you need to remember the following –

1/-       About 3 to 4 inches from the top o the paper, place the complete title of the research paper. If it is a long one, you can use two lines.

2/-       Do not use block or capital letters. There should be no flowery fonts either.

3/-       In the middle of the page, place the full name of the candidate.

4/-       Press the enter key a couple of times till you are about five inches from the bottom.

5/-       Remember to follow the inverted pyramid appearance. The first line of the pyramid should contain the name of your course and the semester in which you are.

6/-       The next line should have the complete name of your instructor.

7/-       The last line should have the date written in as follows: month, date followed by a comma and then lastly the year.

The APA style

In this style of writing, there is one major difference – the running head. You need to include this in the top left corner of the page. All the other details have to be placed in the center of the page in double line spacing in the same order followed in the MLA style. Call us if you are confused.

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