Research paper essay writing techniques simplified

Research paper essay writing isn’t a difficult job, neither does it require special trainning to be able to write an essay. Most of the higher education curriculum requires a student to conduct research. Subsequently the student is required to submit a research paper before completion of the course. Research paper is the documentation of a research done as a part of the curriculum, therefore this documentation needs to be done as per standard norms.

Typically the process would require

  • Identification of a topic for conduting research.
  • Conduct a research as per the chosen topic.
  • Document the research and write an essay on the findings.

This might look simple as the process has been generalized and only the basic steps have been mentioned. The complicity of the process begins with selection of a research topic. Some topics apparently look easy for conducting research, but require work to be done in other areas along side the research. The topic for research should not be very broad or general.  Attempts should be made to choose a precise topic, such that it raises a valid research question. The trick lies in identification of  interesting research topics which are neither generalized nor impracticable for conducting research. The research question is a direct outcome of the research topic which forms the basis of research paper essay. It makes sense, and work becomes enjoyable if a fresh topic is chosen and original research activity is pursued. Taking help from professionals to identify research paper topics is a very effective idea when the researcher wants to concentrate only on the research work.

Here are few things that a researcher should consider prior to selecting a research topic.

  • Topic should be chosen from the researcher’s area of interest.
  • The tpoic and the research should be helpful to the  researcher in career progression.
  • The topic and the research should highlight the core competencies of the researcher.
  • The topic should be unique.

If the reseach question is unique and proper, then the rest of the task becomes much easier. A research paper essay describes and documents the activities that were undertaken to answer the question. To conduct any research, references will have to be looked up, and it is mandatory to cite references in research paper essay. There are methodologies for citing consulted sources. Research paper styles set the rules for reporting  the references that were consulted while conducting research work. These  styles donot differ much, yet while writing an essay it is mandatory that any one of the styles and its guidelines be follwed.

The essay will have to have few distinct divisions like

• Introduction- this section will prepare the reader on the topic and question that the essay will answer.
• Contemporary research in similar fields- this section will explore the work done on similar topics and also explore arguments in favour of the topic.
• Finally an inference or conclusion will have to be drawn.

Concluding remarks will be such that they answer the research question that was derived from the chosen research topic.