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The main components of a good research paper format example are listed below; but before taking off on an explanation, learning about research paper writing is important. Every student who aims at going into a detailed study of a particular topic or subject needs to be prepared for research paper writing at various stages of his student life. Sometimes he would have to work on a subject that is part of his course.

For instance, a student of Psychology might have to work on a branch of this subject and go into detail on a few topics. Behavioral Psychology is a branch of Psychology and it might be necessary that the student does a research paper on the obedience studies done by Milgram. This is just one of the million examples that you could think of if you need to work on a research paper. The best and the easiest way to learn about research paper writing is to go through the research paper format examples that are on our site. In the recent past, we have spent a great deal of time and effort on making our site as interactive as possible. This is because we understand the needs of the student community when research papers, term papers, essays and dissertations are concerned.

What a good research paper format example would contain

Title Page
Literature Review
Analysis of data
Discussion and evaluation
Appendix, List of Diagrams etc.

This is a research paper format that is generally used by students when the subject is science-oriented. There is not much of a difference in the general format where the humanities are concerned. Whatever may be the subject or the topic, it is essential that most of these divisions are included in the research paper. If you go through our research paper format samples you would be able to understand the slight differences when the nature of the subject changes.

Any good research paper example can be used as a guideline when you want to complete your research writing process. For instance, there are students who would like to examine the criticism that has been published on the works of the great Bard, William Shakespeare and come out with critical appreciations of their own. In order to do this, they should be able to come up with a very strong thesis statement on what angle or perspective they would like to perceive the issue. It is necessary to make this perspective clear right at the beginning. Also, it is necessary to keep this perspective in mind, right through the research paper writing process. All the info that is collected and the analysis carried out need to be based on this viewpoint. If this is not done, it would indicate that the student is not completely aware of the nuances and intricacies of the topic.

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