Research paper format title pages should be presentable

Before you go into the details of a title page format, it is necessary for you to know the particular style you need to follow. Your professor would be the right person to tell you whether the paper should be done according to the MLA or the APA format. Since these are the two common formats that are followed for research papers, we would like to give you simple steps that you can follow while working on the research paper format title page.

Using APA style on research paper format title pages

1.    All APA research papers require a title page.

2.    A page header is required wherein there are two components. One is the shortened title or the abbreviated title and the second is the page number. Both these are placed in the right-hand top corner.

3.    Next, concentrate on the main title of the paper. You need to place this in the middle of the page. Also remember to use double line spacing for this. You could use approximately twelve words in your title. Anything more than this could be cumbersome to understand.

4.    Below the title, place your full name and then the name of your school, college or university.

Using the MLA style on a research paper format title page

1.    Any research paper written according to the MLA style does not require a title page. However, there are a few institutions that insist on a title page, even when MLA style is used. It is therefore wise to know the details of a title page, should you be asked to do one. Instead of an actual title page, place all the important and relevant information on the first page of your research or term paper.

2.    On the first page of an MLA paper, place your name, your professor/instructor’s name, the name of your course and any number, if applicable. The last thing to include is the date of submission. Remember that all this info is to be on the left hand side of the paper in the top corner. Here again, use double line spacing.

3.    After you have placed this info in the top left corner, go two line spaces down and put in the full title of the paper. Remember the title should be in the center and should not be in capital letters. Use the title font for this and once again make sure that it is double spaced.

4.    You need to begin the writing of your paper two spaces below this title. Don’t leave extra line spaces; it would be against the rules of the MLA style.

We understand that framing research paper format title pages is no easy task. There are quite a few points that you need to keep in mind, as we have mentioned above. Nevertheless, we can assure you that with our guidance, you will be able to work on a title page without much problem. Do not hesitate to clarify your doubts, if you have any.