Your research paper format title pages need to be as per the guidelines prescribed

research paper format title pageFollowing guidelines might sound like a difficult thing to do, especially when it concerns something as important as a title page. There are many students who literally give up, wondering how to manage it because they are quite confused with the guidelines. We could help you learn and present the research paper format title page without any problem at all. We will first introduce you to the two commonly used citation styles, before going into the title page formats.

Two commonly used citation styles

The MLA and APA are the two most commonly used citation styles for research papers. Both these styles have certain guidelines regarding the presentation of the title page, the general page set up and the referencing style too. If you are keen on ensuring that you learn each of these styles in great detail, it would be good to go through our site for more details. Our writers are keen on helping students understand the nuances of each of these styles. This will make it easier to work on research paper format title pages and other details as well.

The MLA title page

We would like to give you brief tips on how a title page is formatted according to the MLA style. Please feel free to get in touch with us, if you are still a bit unsure –

1/-  The title page on an MLA style paper is given only when the teacher requests it. Very often a title page is not required in an MLA research paper.

2/-   The title of the research paper is placed on the page at a height which is slightly less than half the page.

3/-  It should be centered and block letters should not be used. Do not highlight it or place it in bold lettering either

4/-  Go two lines or double space down and enter your name, again in the center

5/-  Move the cursor right to the bottom of the page, then move it up three lines from the bottom and put in your class and the section, then your professor’s name and below that the date of submission – all to be centered. This part should look like an inverted pyramid.

The APA title page

Given below are the main details that are to be presented in an APA style research paper format title page; please let us know if you have any queries

1/- The full title of the research paper is to be placed in the centre of the page; it should not be in bold or capital letters.

2/-  Near the bottom of the page, in the center, place your name, the title or course you’re doing, your professor’s name, your university/institution and finally the month and year of submission.

3/-  A short version of your title is placed as the running head in the left-hand corner of the title page

4/-  Use the header option on your computer to put in the page number and a short title on the right side of the page. This will continue right through the paper.

Our guidance will be particularly helpful when you work on research paper titles or any other essays and research papers in various styles. For instance, we can guide you while writing a Macbeth research paper title page or other research paper format title pages you need.