Research paper methodology example – make sure you follow a good one!

A research paper will never be complete without methodology part. In this section you have to describe methods you have used during the research. With its help you are able to make your research paper more competent. It is essential to frame your methodology part properly. With help of our research paper methodology example you would be able to understand the foundations of describing methods. Thus your work would be much easier.

The content of research paper methodology

In the methodology part it is appropriate to mention methods that were used for gathering of information and those that were used for analysis of it. This section is very important for your audience. It shows the process of accomplishing this work and how profound is your work.

The appearance of this part of research paper is vital. Instead of writing long paragraph, try to use subheadings. You should strain every nerve in writing this part, because it should be at most clear and informative. Our research paper methodology examples can provide all necessary information you need.

The vital points of research paper methodology

  • Data gathering stage. At the very beginning of writing methodology part you should pay attention to finding appropriate information. At the beginning, you need to identify all suitable methods for your task and find available reliable sources. One of the best ways of data gathering is data mining. Data mining is the process of collecting of all available data sources. Interviewing is another kind of data collecting. Here you can summarize the answers of your respondents and find out the information you need.
  • Data analysis stage. This stage depends mostly on the calculations. Pay attention to the fact that it is essential to choose an appropriate statistical tool for your analysis. You are free to apply different testing methods. You are to write down the results in logical manner and then to present it to the audience. In such a way readers will have complete picture of the whole research process.
  • Here also you are to mention the equipment or materials that you have used during the research process. If it is a detailed experiment you would have to make a detailed list – check our research paper methodology example list for more ideas on this.  Also it is preferable to mention the group of respondents if your data gathering stage had contained interviewing.

How can we help you?

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