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Writing a research paper on a topic in any subject could be one of the primary tasks of any student in college or university. There are a couple of things that every student needs to know about while writing such papers. Apart from the basic rules of formatting, which most of you are well aware of, there are few writing tips to be mastered. Once you get a hold on these tips, you will realize that writing research papers on a wide variety of topics is fairly easy.

When you are asked to write a research paper on a literary topic, what would you do?

In order to make things easy to understand, we have chosen to deal with a topic in English Literature. Our research focuses on the theme of retribution in the famous tragedy of William Shakespeare, King Lear.

First step – read and understand the play

This is the most basic requirement that has to be fulfilled when you have to write research papers on a topic like King Lear. If you are not able to understand the original play, its words, phrases and other nuances, you could read a more modern version that would give you a concise summary of the play. However, remember that you cannot get the actual feel of the play if you don’t read the original.

Second step – thing about your sources

No research paper is complete without bringing in the opinions, criticism and approbations of other writers on the topic on which you are working. There are many prominent critics and Shakespearean scholars who have provided wonderful insights into the play. Use only a research paper source that you think is relevant. However, make sure about the necessity to bring in sources – don’t overload your paper with too many citations.

Third step – plan the format and structure of your paper

Now, this is the difficult part – there could be a bit of a quandary in this particular aspect of your research paper writing. If you are not too sure about the research paper structure you need to get in touch with us right away. When you have to write a research paper on a particular topic, it is necessary to understand it well, in order to plan the structure and format.

Fourth step – writing the paper

Once you have the structure in place, you can start bringing your bits and pieces in and fitting them all together. You need to use your dexterity in thinking and writing if you want your paper to emerge a winner. Using a good research paper organizer at this stage would help.

Fifth step – checking it out

This is the proofreading stage – a stage that is more important than most people think. Take your time to check out what you have written or pass it on to someone who can do it for you.

Reading this article could give you a fair idea of what you have in store when you have research papers on interesting topics to think about. Take your time to collect info and drop us a mail when you have a writer’s block. We can pull you out of anything anytime.