Research paper outlines are important tools when planning an academic paper

research paper outlinePlanning is the most important element in any academic sphere. Planning helps you organize and arrange your thoughts into a coherent order. The planning done when a research assignment is given is in the form of a research paper outline. Outlining a research paper is necessary if you wish to present your facts and evidences in a systematic and logical manner. Sometimes you are expected to submit an outline to your professor before writing your actual paper. Therefore mapping or framing out your writing plan helps you in the following ways:-

1/-          As a topic and thesis statement would have been constructed before beginning your research work, research paper outlines help you to stay focused on the task at hand when researching.

2/-          As facts and evidences are gathered from various sources, an outline would help group these facts together into a synthesized whole in a rational and logical manner.

3/-          An outline helps in breaking down a chunk of the paper into focused smaller bits. It helps you stay focused on the formatting details for structure, writing style and citation details while researching for facts.

4/-          The outline helps you visualize each and every aspect of your research, the paper that you intend to write and present.

5/-          Outlining also helps you to polish your organizational skills; thus presenting your paper in a skilfully written manner.

Why is outlining important to research paper writing?

Most professors require their students to submit a research paper outline. There are several reasons to this:

1/-          Have you understood the assignment statement, the formatting methods and the rules of the writing and citation style? All outlines have to be submitted in the style that you would be presenting your actual paper. This includes mentioning the in-text citations within parenthesis and the bibliography page in the specified style.

2/-          A research paper outline need not mention all the details of every fact that you have researched. But it would be ideal for you to jot down some of your ideas and expanding a few others.

3/-          An outline helps you sieve through your facts, eliminating what is not required for your topic of discussion. The purpose for this is to enable your reader to grasp the contents and direction of your research at a quick glance.

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