Research Paper Outline Example

Research Paper
Generally, outline is a list organized in particular way by means of specified features. The purpose of an outline is to reveal the plot, show main characteristics and describe the content of a topic. Research papers outline goal is to allow selective study of a work. It from the very first sight illustrates all available topics and theme for discussion. Writing an outline needs fulfilling requirements on its composition. We are to puzzle out a research paper matter concerning research paper outline examples.


• Title;
• Abstract;
• Introduction;
• Equipment and Methodology;
• Results and Discussion;
• Conclusions;
• References;
• Appendices.


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Every one considers making a title the easiest work to do while writing research paper. Sorry for disappointing you but it is not. To make a good-looking and correctly composed title is a great piece of job. The title is to make claim, it must stress the importance of what you do. Most students usually write title after the whole research paper is done to make it more considered.


One must attach great importance to an abstract. Do not think of it like a review or brief consumption. It is a sole part of your work. Generally, most people read nothing but the abstract. It must summarize and enhance all you have said. It should be composed in informative way stating that a reader has found what he or she have been looking for on particular matter.


The main goal of any introduction part is to, first of all, attract the attention and to allow uneducated in the study read and understand what is said. You need to express all your work in this part. Point prehistory, importance means and results you expect to reach. Show your intentions to impartial readers and make them want to read your research.

Equipment and Methodology

Writing this section you must show a reader what you used processing the research and what tools he or she will need to repeat it. Here you need to point all means, resources and efforts you required. It would be great if you point step by step guide to perform a research. Remember, your goal is to teach others how to do it.

Results and Discussion

As it may be understood from the heading, here you need to write about your achievements. You may link what you have intended to reach and what you have. As a rule everything new brings about new arguments and discussions as well. Write them all down. There may be some features which may generate interest and resentment of public. Do not forget to mention that.


Make a summary of your work. Basically it refers to findings. All what is said, researched and invented must be stated here. Do not be afraid to point if something has gone wrong. It on the contrary will lead to more interest to your work. Show whether you are satisfied with you have done or not.


You must point all references, quotations and citations in here.


In this part of your work you need to reveal some extras if needed. If you have any photos, tables, schemes or figures – it is the right place to locate it here.

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