Research Paper Outline MLA Formats – stick to the rules

When you are asked to follow a particular citation style or format, the most important thing that you need to keep in mind is how you frame your outline. The research paper outline MLA format that you follow will set the pace for your MLA research paper. Another issue that is relevant to mention at this point in time is the importance of having an outline for your research paper.

Some points about MLA format outlines

    • Parenthetical references. If you are asked to follow the MLA format for your research paper, it is necessary that your outline is also written on the same lines. Let us imagine that you are doing a research paper on plots and sub-plots in Shakespeare’s Othello. You have been asked to critically examine this and hence need to bring in the views of Shakespearean critics. When you mention a particular person’s views in your outline, make sure you have the name of the author and the page number on which the quote appears in the book you are referring to, in parenthesis. It is not necessary that it should be only a book; it could be journal article, or web reference. Either way, specific details about pages are necessary. If you have these in your outline, it becomes quite easy to transfer to the same to your final research paper.
    •  Web references. Making use of the web for your research is essential. However, it is important that you make sure that your sources are genuine. Your research paper outline MLA formats would need to have the date on which you have accessed the information on the net. This is very important. If you are using a source like Wikipedia, it is possible that the content is updated after you have accessed it. It might therefore be different when you write your final paper. Teachers therefore recommend that Wiki is avoided as a source for information. You could use it as a guide, but avoid citing from it directly. If you must do it, then put in the date – this should be done in your outline first and then in your final research paper.
    • Journal article references. Here again, make sure you have the volume number, issue number and date of publication of the journal. When you include all this in your research paper outline MLA format, it becomes a lot easier when writing your paper. The in-text citation should also be included in the outline – this ensures that you will also put in to your final text.

It is quite common for students to have difficulties with research paper outline MLA formats. Going through this website will help you understand how you could go about writing good research papers without losing a hair on your head. We understand the need for complete organization and outlining in the research paper writing process. Therefore, learning the rules of formatting and referencing could help you a great deal in getting things off the road. Come learn from us; you will be happy you did!