Research paper power point presentations- some quick tips

There are various presentation tools available in the market today to make your research paper or thesis more fit to be seen. Once way to present your work is through research paper power point presentation. Power point is a tool that solves another purpose altogether which word does not do. It makes your research more presentable, stimulating to read and captures and holds audience’s interest. However it is certainly a commonly used tool nowadays and it concisely formulates the key points of your presentation along with taking care of respectable visualization.

You need to keep a watch on the following areas when you use this tool since developing a research paper power point presentation is easier than writing your research paper but it requires a definite approach towards its development and creation.

1. Making use of proper text: Most of the slides on your power point presentation will use text in the form of bullets or numbers which means you have limited words to write your thoughts. Hence, you need to carefully select your lines and spend some time in deciding what you want to put in them.
2. Making use of bullets: Presentation slides should not be very narrative. In fact, it is always advisable to put down text in the form of bullets and numbers. Also, there should not be more than 7-8 bullets on one slide or it becomes very text heavy.
3. Using fonts: Fonts that you use in your thesis PowerPoint presentation will also affect the readability of your texts. There are nearly 100 different fonts on our computers. Very often, students want to experiment with all of them, but your thesis PowerPoint presentation is not the right place to do that. Thus, choose standard fonts that are easy to read: Times New Roman, Helvetica, and Arial.
4. Using colours: Colours give a highlight to your text and your subject matter, but it is to be used judiciously. Excessive use of colour might distract readers from the actual point which your are trying to emphasize on. You can also use readymade templates available within the presentations but it is often advisable to select light coloured background with dark colour text. Power point gives students an option to us an array of colours and very often, students want to experiment with all of them, but your research paper PowerPoint presentation is not the right place to practice that.
5. Use of notes section: Often students forget to use the power point notes section. However, it is a good practice to make use of this where you can put down certain explanations, formulas, and references etc, which support your actual slide. This makes your work look more authentic.

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