Good research paper prospectuses are straightforward and well studied

When you decide to become a research scholar, you have decided to take on the responsibility of carrying out various steps of the research paper writing process. Framing and writing the research paper prospectus is the second of three important steps in research paper writing. Here are the three important steps that could be taken into account for successful research paper writing

1/         Identifying the research interest or in other words, laying the foundation for research on a specific topic or subject area

2/-       Framing and writing a research paper prospectus

3/-       The actual research paper

Before you go any further, it would be ideal to know what a good prospectus would contain

1/         A good prospectus should indicate that the research that is proposed is manageable and has the right scope too. For instance, you could think of doing some detailed research into a topic in Biology. You must be able to indicate that the research that you are going to do is neither too broad nor too narrow for the academic level that you are in. This is the best way to show that you are aware of the first component of good research paper prospectuses.

2/-       The second step in formulating your prospectus is to try and narrow down your topic so that it becomes a lot more focused. If you are going to say that your research paper is on sickle cell anemia, it would be a very generalized topic. On the other hand, if you are going to narrow it down even further and talk about a specific drug that is used in the treatment of this rare disease, then that indicates more insightful research.

3/-       Once you are able to zone in on the right kind of topic that you intend working on, your task becomes a lot easier and more manageable too. You are able to now formulate the research question based on the initial research and zoning down that you have been doing till now. This is the base on which you final thesis statement would be built. Therefore, make sure that you understand how to go about the entire process of formulating it.

Before you get into the act of making your prospectus, you need to remember that a great deal of reading on the subject is essential. You cannot hope to get up one fine Sunday morning and decide to work on something. Of course, we do agree that inspiration is one of the prime motivating factors in any kind of research. Be that as it may, the fact remains that one needs a lot more than just inspiration to be a successful research scholar.

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