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When you have trouble trying to understand a statement, what do you do? Do you try breaking it up into smaller parts so that it is easier to comprehend; or do you read it a couple of times till it sinks in? Students use either of these two techniques and some students use a combination of both. Be that as it may, it is essential for a student to be fully aware of the range and scope of a statement before beginning anything based on it. The same goes for research paper questions too. When you have a paper to work on, life would be incredibly difficult if you are not able to fully understand what the whole thing is about, to begin with.

Using a literary example to understand better

Most of the time, when you come across a research paper question, you will realize that it has several components. The job at hand is to be able to decipher these components and work on them individually to collect info and then learn how to put the whole lot together. Use this as an example:

The character of Elizabeth Bennett in the book Pride and Prejudice is often seen as a complex one. She is portrayed as a person who is trying desperately to alienate herself from the social mores of marriage and etiquette that she finds around her. Delve into her character and psyche to establish reasons for her behavior that does not seem in sync with her siblings. How does she emerge as a person of substance and one who seems to find new paths to tread on?

If you are studying English Literature, you are bound to find this as one of the research paper questions that interest you. Of course, if you are not too keen on Jane Austen and her novels, this is one that you might want to skip. Nevertheless, it would be worthwhile for you to try and decipher how to answer such a question.

Points to focus on

As a research paper writer, it would be essential for you to focus on a couple of points if you have to frame your paper on the example given above. Here are some –

1/-          First, you need to read and understand the book completely. Do not try reading abridged versions; they could be misguiding.

2/-          If you have already read the book, go through it once again – there could be a few lines that strike you now.

3/-          Once you have done this, read the question again and again – at least four or five times. This is the only way you will be able to prepare a research paper proposal; the paper can come later.

4/-          If you have trouble understanding the question presented, try breaking it up. This technique certainly helps.

5/-          Address each part of the question and find info that you can put in. List out details of info that you can bring in; categorize each bit of info for further use.

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