Make sure to draft your research paper references carefully

Research paper references fulfil the basic idea of a research. Research means investigations and data collection from related texts and journals which turn out to be valid for your research paper question. This collected information is analysed and presented in a certain manner in research papers which prove to be credible. Providing correct research paper references hence credibility to your research work and shows the readers that some authentic work has been done in your research investigations. Mainly there are a few reasons to provide references:

1. To make sure that your argument is backed by facts and figures which you have obtained from various sources and not just opinions and thoughts.
2. To prove that you have worked a step ahead with facts and information obtained from various sources and not just copied their work.
3. Using others’ ideas without proper citation is both unethical and illegal.
4. Also others can follow your citations or references and work ahead for their own investigations purpose.

It does not matter what you are writing, it might be theses, dissertation, or research paper of any kind or any subject. Like every research paper needs to have at least a few compulsory sections like introduction, body of research and conclusion. Likewise, research paper reference drafting is a work that is an integral part of all kinds of research investigations.

Like your research paper itself has a writing style, there is a wide variety of styles for citing and listing references also. Generally, there are three basic formats for citing a research paper: Chicago Style research paper, Modern Language Association style (MLA), and American Psychological Association style (APA). You may choose a format that best suits your needs and the instructions given out by your professor. Once you have chosen a format, it is essential that you stay with this style throughout your paper. Make sure you follow the instructions for the journal you are submitting your paper to. These are basically ways to standardize the format of your writing according to a pre-existing writing style and help the reader to follow a certain pattern in terms of understanding your citations. The need for doing this had originated from healthcare, science and technology thesis writing which requires citation of specific research sources.

Where is the citation styles used in the research paper?
References are usually cited in two places:
1. A concise citation appears in the text depending on the format selected
2. A complete citation appears in a bibliography at the end of the report.
3. Footnotes section is also used in some writing styles.

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