Understand the parts of a research paper

Once your research proposal is prepared, you need to structure your research paper itself. The best way to do this is to think of the research paper sections you would want to have in your presentation. Breaking down your work into sections helps you to put down your thoughts in a certain configuration that yields better results than trying to arrange your pieces of information later on.

A properly drafted research proposal will cover up even if the research itself is not ideal, hence to get it right one can also take professional help in drafting research proposals for your research to be successful.

A basic structure, which is common to most research papers sections, is as follows:
1. Title- This is the shortest part of the research paper but might be the most complicated since the title needs to be appealing and at the same time capture the purpose of research. A research paper title page should be carefully written since this is the first impression of the research.
2. Summary or Introduction- A summary can be written in the very beginning to sample your long report. This is important to jot down the relevant findings of your research.
3. Table of Contents – This is just a list of sub-topics or headings with their page numbers.
4. Background of research – This section should basically include history of research, its background, if there was any other previous research conducted on a similar topic, why this topic of research was selected by you.
5. Method used- Here a person should be very objective in writing since this is all about equipments and techniques – the actual methodology used to perform the research. One has to be accurate in reporting this section.
6. Result- A result of research is not necessarily the conclusion. This can be the basis of discussions and arguments to be further used to draw conclusions on similar lines.
7. Arguments/ discussions- A more subjective section where analysis takes place of the results obtained via research.
8. Conclusion- This section is to summarize the findings of your research and should be concurrent to the section 2 summary.
9. Other sections like references and acknowledgements (if any)
10. Appendices- This is the last section but is still important to be put in correctly.

Creating a research paper section ensures that every data that has been collected or every scheme thought over finally gets published in the research paper and nothing gets overlooked. In simple words, this is basically breaking down the data into sections and finalizing on the research paper-writing format.

After all, it becomes easier to write a research paper once a sequence has been established.

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