The importance of appropriate academic research paper style

Academic writing is an important part of curriculum. The style plays very important role in writing various kinds of academic paper. Have you known that the guideline to your writing depends on the chosen research paper writing style? That’s why it is important to know research paper styles and their rules in order to know how to apply them in your assignment.

The peculiarities of usage of research paper writing styles

It is a common practice that different styles are used for particular research areas. Moreover, some formats are preferable to use in circumscribed fields so you have to choose an appropriate style with great care. If you follow proper style your project will be of great success. Each style has different peculiarities and distinctive features.

The most common styles of academic writing

Here is a list of most common styles that are used in academic writing.

  • American Psychological Association (APA) Style. It is one of the most important and used formats if you are to write academic research paper.  The guidelines to this style are chaste. That is why it is quite difficult to meet all the requirements of it. But in case you have done everything properly your paper writing would serve as a professional document. APA writing style does not use footnotes. Due to APA style of citations you are to attach in-text citations and a reference page to the end of your research paper. Another peculiar aspect of APA style is the title page. You have to mention the title of research work, the author’s name and the name of institution on it. This style is preferential to social sciences. So with the topics in Business and Economics, Anthropology, Education, Law, Sociology or Political science you may boldly use this style.
  • Modern Language Association (MLA) Style. This style is not so strict comparing to APA or other styles. MLA writing style is considered to be the most used style for academic writing. It has its own citation and reference rules but in general you have a wide discretion. Here you are to pay attention to spacing and formatting requirements. In-text citations of this style are simple. You have to mention the author’s last name and the page number only.  All additional information would be given at the end of the research paper under the heading of “Works Cited”.  MLA is usually used for the topics on humanities. The topics include Philosophy, Religion, Literature, Music and Linguistics.
  • The Chicago style is another format used mostly for topics on humanitarian sciences. Here, unlike APA style, you are to use footnotes at the bottom of appropriate page. Pay attention to the fact that the alphabetical order of the bibliographical page would regard to the first name of the author. The numbers mentioned next to the cited information are to be linked to the footnote against the same number. The possible areas of using this style are various branches of History, humanities and art subjects.

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