Most research paper styles are easy to follow; learn the details

If you are keen on producing a research paper that is worthy of publication in a peer-reviewed journal, you need to understand all about research paper styles. To begin with, you should understand what the ‘style’ is all about.  When you use this term it is possible that you are referring to either of the following:

1.  Citation style used in the paper

2.  General writing style of the paper

Since all research revolves around the work that has been done on a particular subject, it is important to give due credit to the authors that have written on the topic in question. Let’s imagine that your research paper focuses on the study of management concepts. You might have to refer to the work of Peter F Drucker who is a renowned management expert and whose work has been widely cited. You will have to mention the year of publication of the book and also have the publisher’s details of the same. If you are not able to indicate from where the specific quote is taken, your guide would point it out and make sure that you insert it into the paper, at the appropriate place.

Once you have completed inserting the citations into the body of the paper, it is important that you make a list at the end of the paper. Let us take into consideration the same topic suggested above. You might have quoted the works of at least fifteen authors. You can use their books, contributions to journals or any other scholarly work that is relevant to your research paper. At the end of your paper you need to have a separate section that is titled Bibliography or Works Cited. It is also called the References page. This is a list of the books and other sources used in the course of your study.

One cannot blindly claim that particular research paper styles are right or wrong. This is because each writer could have his or her own style of writing. The format for presentation might remain the same among the research paper writers of the same institution, but the writing style could differ. For instance, if one were to do an investigative piece on the problem of terrorism in North Eastern India and the secessionist problems faced by the government, there could be many ways of presenting the whole paper. A writer could just present the facts or he could include the many viewpoints that he has come across on the issue.

Therefore, it is important to take good care of the right kind of research paper styles that a writer adheres to while doing a paper. This could make or break his reputation as a good writer.