Use this checklist to assess any research paper subject

If the research paper subjects that you choose can pass through a stringent test, then you can go ahead with your research. It is so important for any student, irrespective of the subject, to be able to find a topic that is worth writing on. If you are not one of the lucky few who get a good topic, please let us know. There is a lot that we can do for students like you – choosing topics is just one of them.

Use this checklist

This is a very brief but workable checklist that you could use to decipher whether or not the research paper subject that you picked is good enough. If you are not quite satisfied with the choices that you have, please give us the opportunity to help you out. Here’s the checklist that you could use –

1/-       See if the topic that you pick interests you

2/-       Make sure that it is at the right academic level – not higher or lower

3/-       Find out whether you can actually research the topic extensively

4/-       Check the availability of resources that you will need to write the paper

5/-       Try to go through the other papers that have been written on the same topic

6/-       Make a rough estimate of the time that you will need to carry out sufficient research

7/-       Find out whether the topic & research will yield substantial and quantifiable results

Once you are able to run any of the research paper subjects that you choose through this particular checklist, you will have the answers to many questions. It is not only a checklist to see whether the subject or topic is good, it also gives you a good indication or estimation of your capability. This capability can be measured in terms of scholastic as well as research ability.

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