Research paper template is like a prescription which can be used to write any kind of research paper. A template is a blank document that just has the headings and sub-headings along with formatting guidelines. When you start writing your research paper, one thing that is concerning is the format of the research paper. You can become tension free if you start using a standard research paper template. These are available as research paper help and provide great guidance towards writing quality research papers.
Research paper outlining is a common planning activity as a part of making a template irrespective of the research paper topic and must be done to put the work into a logical algorithm.

For all research papers, the template is essentially the following:

  • Introduction- For a basic research paper, the introduction needs to be about one paragraph long. It will contain background information about the topic of the research paper as well as terms that may be mentioned. The introduction is also where the student will state his or her theory, which is generally captured in a one-sentence statement about the purpose of the research paper. The theory should be the first or the last sentence in the introduction. This part of research paper also needs to be catchy to create a good first impression.
  • Body – The second part of the research paper template should be the body. The body will contain paragraphs that support the research paper statement or your topic. Each paragraph should contain new information or ideas that are different from the previous, but that are connected to each other. This is where your writing skills are put to test.
  • Conclusion – The conclusion is the final section of all research paper templates. The conclusion is where the student will recap information or ideas that he or she presented in the research paper. The conclusion is also where the student will present his or her own conclusions based on the research itself.
  • References- It is unwise to use others’ work, quotations or ideas without giving proper citations. These citations are included in the references section. These are basically referring to authors or books or online help that you might have used during your research.

Apart from the above backbone, some research papers or rather institutions also require a title page, table of contents, abstract, and appendix. Sometime, your professor can also list the specific sections that he or she will require when it comes time for his or her students to work on their research papers.

A methodical and structured research report is important to create an impression on the reader and hence the use of research paper template becomes imperative before you start your research report.