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There are different ways in which you could refer to a research paper thesis statement. This could also be a called a research paper statement or even a statement of purpose in a research paper. Whatever way you refer to this part of your research paper, it is all the same. Instead of bothering about how to define or refer to a thesis statement, it would be a lot better for you as a research scholar to know what makes a good one. This is far more important since your whole paper depends on the tone and content of your statement.

What should research paper thesis statements contain?

1/-  The aim and objectives of your research paper

2/-  A clear idea about how you are going to achieve these aims

3/-  the results that you propose arriving at, when your research or study ends

Now, though the above three points might indicate that the contents of your thesis statement for a research paper; you also need to know how to present the same. As many guides and teachers would have told you in the past, the way in which you present a point is as important as the contents of the same. It is for this sole purpose that we help students put together statements for their research papers and other such writing tasks which would otherwise casue them sleepless nights.

Some points to consider while working on your thesis statements

1/-  Any research paper thesis statement should contain the essence of the research paper. For instance, your research could be on the branding strategy that you would like a particular firm to introduce for their new product range. Your thesis statement has to state this in no uncertain terms. It should also be able to indicate what data you are going to bring in to substantiate your statements.

2/-  Clarity is another element that you need to watch out for. When an assessor goes through your thesis statement, he should not feel completely confused at the end of it. if he is none the wiser after reading the statement, it means that you have succeeded in messing up the statement totally.

3/-  Too long a statement does not help a person understand what you are trying to say. An average sentence should not be longer than thirty words. If it goes beyond this, it is difficult for a reader to keep track of what you are trying to say. There is no harm in breaking up a statement into two sentences. You could do that provided you are able to get the whole essence of your paper into them.

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