If you want your research paper title pages to look professional, call us for help

If you want your research paper to be complete in every sense of the word, you need to ensure that your research paper title page is in the right format. Since there are a couple of formats that are commonly used, like the MLA and the APA, it would be relevant for you to know more. To begin with, you need to know the details that appear on the title page. Once you are aware of the research paper title, it is relevant to know how to present these details. We could help you with the widely accepted format to make your research paper writing more complete.

Here are the basic points that you need to keep in mind while working on the title page of your research paper

1/-  All research paper title pages need to contain the following

(a) The title of your research paper

(b) A secondary title – this is not there in all research papers, so it is optional

(c) The full name of the research scholar – you

(d) The full name of the person guiding the research scholar

(e) The course for which you are submitting your paper

(f)  The name of the institution that is conducting the course

(g) The date on which you submit your research paper

2/-  When you are formulating a research paper title, try to remember one important point. The shorter and more concise it is, the better. If you have a title that is almost forty or fifty words long, it is quite difficult for someone to make sense of the whole thing. There is a tendency to forget the first part of the sentence when you have come to the end of it.

3/-   Do not put in fancy fonts on your title page. There are a lot of students who thing that a research paper title page should look very attractive and flowery. This is a wrong concept. It must be understood that a research paper is an academic one and hence should have an adequate level of seriousness. Use fonts that are simple and easy to understand. If you want to highlight some part of your title, do not put in colors – these are generally not acceptable for serious minded academic papers.

4/-  Make sure that the tile of your research paper is placed somewhere at the half-page mark. Do not write it right on top of the page. Also remember to use the Title case – this means that only the first letter of the title needs to be in capitals. Of course, if there are proper nouns in the title, use capitals appropriately. The use of block letters is to be avoided.

If you are not quite certain about the use of the right font and other formatting details for research paper title pages, take a look at our samples. If you are still not very comfortable, it would be a good idea to get in touch with us and place an order for a proper title page. Do not worry; our charges are quite reasonable – so call us now!