Proper planning could help you identify good research paper topic ideas

Looking for research paper topic ideas could be a bit difficult if you have just begun your course. Since research papers are usually written only towards the end of your whole course, normally there is not much difficulty in identifying the right topic. So hold on, do not get worked up. Sit back and ruminate on all that you have done and studied right through the course. You need to take the help of your guide and mentor and then follow these steps – you will surely come up with the right topic for your research paper writing:

  1. If the paper is part of the final requirement for a particular degree or course, then make sure that the topic is one that concerns the course you have completed. Any digression from this would be out of place and might get disqualified.
  2. If the paper is a general one that can be written on a topic of your choice, consider some current events that you could do research on. For instance, the summit on Climate Change at Copenhagen could be a suitable topic if you have enough material on it. You could do research on what the outcomes were and also the limitations of such a summit.  Your research would have to include details of previous such summits and a commentary or list of suggestions for future ones as well.
  3. Since identifying a topic is always a bit of a problem, you could organize a brainstorming session wherein you could ask your peers and your mentors to take part. You could give them the list of topics that you have thought of and also present your supporting views for the same. You could make a note of their inputs and then decide on which topic you should do your paper on. This way, finding research paper topic ideas will not be much of a hassle.
  4. Once you have decided on the topic or idea that you are going to do your research on, remember that you should not go back on it and start your search all over again. It is only natural that you have a few qualms about whether or not you have made the right choice. In life, we are always face-to-face with some kind of choice or the other. Try as much as you can to do your homework before making the choice. Once you’ve done it, do not go back on it.

Now that you have got a lit of research paper topic ideas you need to begin your work by trying to assemble all the sources, books and other materials that you will require for your research. If the paper requires some amount of field work, do not hesitate to include all this in your budget. By budget, we mean not just money, but a proper time frame as well. This will help you finish your work in time in a systematic way and help you submit your paper without any more hitches.