A lot of background study is required to write well on research paper topics

Doing research involves a lot of study and work both before and during the period of research. It is not like writing an essay at an examination. It is a phased process wherein you understand the topic that you are going to research, collect the relevant information, process it so that it can be put into your paper and finally integrate it with your final research paper writing. If you are able to do this fairly effortlessly, it is obvious that you have understood the research paper topics, really well.

Research into religious beliefs:

Though religion is the most common facet of the human race, there seems to be so much of debate and questioning on the whole subject. Doing research into a topic like religion, requires one to be mentally strong and capable of fielding any kind of difficult question. These are some of the research paper topics that one could write on, when undertaking a study into religious practices:

1.     The evolution of religious practices all over the world, with specific reference to a clearly demarcated geographical area.
2.    The reasons for change in the mindset of people towards religious beliefs and practices.
3.    The impact of technology and science on religion and its followers
4.    The emergence of agnosticism and atheism and the impact of the same on established religions of the world.
5.    Could humanism replace religion? Take into consideration the relevant problems faced by believers, crossing religious boundaries.
6.    The close link between religion and politics – the good, the bad and the ugly.

This is a list that could just go on and on. Whatever be the topic, it is important that the influence of religious texts is also studied in depth. For instance, if one were to go into the details of terrorism in the Middle East and the emergence of the Jihadist in the region, a study of the Koran is indispensable. One cannot claim to understand the mindset of a religious fanatic, without being completely aware of what his faith orders him to do.

Extensive research is the key:

Reading the above lines would make a person think that this piece of writing is focused on religion and not on research paper writing. The above is given as a kind of example or case study in order to demonstrate the extent to which investigative study should be done in order to present a good research paper.

Using appropriate citations:

Using citations for research paper writing is something that a good researcher will always take care of. There is no way you can write a complete paper or a dissertation without hoping to add the quotations or viewpoints of those who have written on the same subject. Considering the example that was given earlier, you could cite the works of important authors who have made significant contributions to the study of religious belief. Contemporary authors have taken into account the impact of rational thought and the reasons why religion is completely tied up with political belief. Such research paper topics will certainly help bring out the writer in you.