Research paper for free – Don’t get carried away

You could log on to most academic writing sites today and you will find that there are many research papers for free – take a deep breath and then continue reading. You will find that there are very few sites where the papers are really free. Are you surprised? Well, that’s how the cookie crumbles, as they say! Just think about it for a moment; why would someone want to help you with a free paper when they could make a couple of bucks, by selling you something? It does not make business sense for anybody to lend you a helping hand, without expecting something in return. Therefore, the next time you see the word ‘free’ mentioned anywhere, don’t go through the roof with joy. Instead, calmly read through the whole page and understand what the fine print really means.

Can I use a free research paper?

When you think of making use of the info that is on a particular site, it is necessary for you to go through the same completely. Keep the following in mind when you are keen on using a paper that you think would help in a particular assignment. Don’t get carried away when you see that there is a research paper for free –

1.    Relevance: A particular paper seems to be the right one because it has a similar title to the one that your assignment deals with. For instance, if your assignment is on ‘The Role of Winston Churchill in the World War’, you would probably be on the lookout for free papers that focus on the way in which Churchill used his strategies and skill to bring the war to an end.

2.    Read through: don’t make the mistake of reading only the first few lines or paragraphs of the paper that is purportedly free. Remember, in this harsh world of crude commercialism, the term ‘free’ is not what it really seems. If you could find the time to go through the entire paper, you might find one of the following sub-clauses –

(a)    You could be asked to contribute a paper for which you will not be paid, before you are able to access the complete paper.
(b)    You might have to become a member, by signing up with them. Of course, this would be free; but later on you might be asked to pay a composite fee which allows you ‘free access’ to a set of papers.

3.    Originality: this is probably the most important of all the points. Getting research papers for free might be the answer to most of your prayers. But think about it: is it really worthwhile to get papers that are more that 50% plagiarized. Well, if you are keen on being turned out of the class because of a plagiarized essay or research paper, then go ahead and use the free one that you found.

Keep a cool head on your shoulders when you see a bright colored flash message that reads: research paper for free. You would be better off dealing with a firm like ours, where we are upfront about our work, rates, samples and a lot more.