Research Thesis Paper Writing Techniques

Conducting research and writing a thesis are two different things. It’s not that writing a research thesis paper is extremely difficult task yet the task is a cause of concern to many students. Central to a doctoral curriculum is the doctoral thesis. The definition of “thesis” is a stand point, proposition, theory put forward by the researcher and the same is established by argument or reasoning. Thus the two key ingredients to a good thesis are:
• The proposition or the problem statement or the theory
• The reasoning used for establishment of the proposition.
The proposition is going to be captured in thesis statement. Hence a good thesis statement is a precursor to a thoughtful research. Quest for interesting research topics would require a thorough study of the subject and understanding of the questions that the subject is yet to answer. One may consider taking the help of professional service providers in selecting research paper topics.
The research thesis paper should raise questions and provoke arguments against the proposition. The proposition should be such that even after establishment by argument and reasoning, it can be reasonably disagreed. That is, a good thesis should prompt a debate on the proposition. Therefore a reasonable reader should on reading the paper be tempted to ask questions like how or why.
One may consider a self test to evaluate as to how the research thesis papers fair. To do so, questions like the following needs to be answered:
1. Does the proposition of the thesis instigate a debate?
2. Will a reader be nonchalant to the research findings?
3. Is the use of generalist phrases restricted in the thesis?
4. And last but not least can the proposition be developed to write a research thesis paper of the required length. Since no matter what, the thesis will have to be of the required length as set by the academic council of the institute. If all the answers to questions except to question two are yes then the research thesis paper will be a quality paper.

The research thesis paper can be written using many research paper styles but  should have following sections to establish the proposition or the theory
1. A declaration by the institute that the research work has been done by the student and is original work. Also the proposition has been established based on the knowledge of the student.
2. A title page will have to be written. The contents of the title page will primarily depend on the institution where the thesis will be submitted. Nevertheless details like topic of thesis, student’s name, and other academic details will have to be mentioned.
3. An abstract of the thesis should be written with care. Since the size of the abstract is limited therefore this should be written with utmost care so as to capture the vital details of the thesis.
4. In preparation of the thesis and undertaking of the research it is likely that many other people have helped in different ways. It is customary to acknowledge their contributions.
5. The references consulted and journals used for referrals will have to be citied. Citing will have to done as per certain formats. The institute may require the student to cite references as APA or MLA format.