What a sample research paper should contain

It does not matter what kind of topic you are planning to write on. You could use sample research papers from this website as guidelines, since our writers are experts in their respective subjects. It is important for every student to know the basic requirements that research papers have. Also when a student is aware of these basic rules he will be able to recognize a good paper when he sees one.

A sample research paper on ‘The Economic Diversity of India’ should contain most of these points:

1.    History. One needs to go into the history of the Indian sub-continent in order to understand why and how there is so much economic diversity in India. About a century ago the British rule in India seemed to deplete the country of many of its resources. Today as the largest democracy in the world, India is still trying to break away from colonial habits embodied in its DNA. This is because there is a bureaucratic governmental setup that disallows complete freedom of thought and expression.

2.    Facts. Always ensure that you stick to facts that can be verified and proved at any point in time. It is always better to rely on sources that are established in public opinion. For this you need to do a lot of research using library books, internet and old archives for true and authentic information.

3.    Opinions. Any research paper on this topic would be considered incomplete if it did not have the opinions and perspectives of eminent historians, economists and political analysts. It would worthwhile recording the views of others so that you are able to get a holistic and balanced view of the whole issue. This is what sample research papers should contain if they intend to be good and work as guidelines for others.

4.    Economic climate. It is important if you want to do a good research paper you must consider the current economic clime. The volatile nature of the economy presents a formidable challenge to an aspiring research writer. The main aspect to be considered about the economic clime is that you must be gauging the effects of economics on our lives. With the recent economic meltdown the dynamics of our economy is changing, so it is essential to using present day information to base your research paper on.

5.    Customers. The most important factor to be considered is the king of the market; the ‘Customer’. The ways in which they are affected by the daily changes in the economy, the ways in which they affect the economy – all have to be considered by the researcher. Getting hold of the right perspective as far as the all-important customer is concerned, could prove to be the cornerstone of such a complex essay.

Once you are able to get hold of a good sample research paper like the one mentioned above, make sure it addresses all relevant issues. If they are not in place, it is not worthwhile considering such a paper. You are always welcome to use our services to get more ideas and topics.