Sample research proposal papers – good indicators

Looking through a good sample research proposal paper could give you a good idea of what a research proposal should look like. There are many students who are not aware of the fact that a research proposal is just as important and structured as the actual paper. Though, one might not go into detail while preparing the proposal, it is true that a lot of work and commitment go into wording the proposal.

A student could think of submitting a research proposal for various reasons

  •  It might be a routine or mandatory proposal that has to be submitted to the institution from which he is planning to obtain the research degree
  •    It could be a proposal that he is submitting to an organization, which he hopes will fund  his research, either partly or wholly
  •    It could be a preliminary phase of the whole research paper writing process, where the student puts forward his ideas for research, to his guide/mentor

Whatever may be the circumstances in which the proposal is submitted, going through the sample research proposal papers on this site are sure to give him a good idea. It is not uncommon to find students literally groping for ideas on how to write a research proposal. This is where we can make a significant difference to the situation, by showcasing the kind of expert writers we have, through the work they do.

What do these sample proposals contain?

  •    The thesis statement that the student is going to work on. For instance, if he has decided to work on a phenomenon called ‘Global Dimming’, he should clearly mention the aspect or aspects of this phenomenon that he is going to study. It could be that he is examining it in relation to the better known occurrence of ‘Global Warming.’
  •    A good sample research proposal paper would also contain the proposed methods that he would be using to test his hypotheses. Though this might not be completely explained, he will need to put forth basic ideas of methodologies that he expects to follow.
  •     Information on important sources should also be included in the proposal. Looking at the same example mentioned above, the student could decide to use a particular organization to source his info and conduct the actual research. In this case, this is the most vital source in his entire research. He needs to mention this clearly.
  •     The proposal indicates the results that the researcher hopes to arrive at. Here, one must understand that you do not have to give a clear cut result in the proposal. Instead, you need to indicate the result that you think will occur subsequent to your research carried out.

Our sample research proposal papers are indicators of the points that need to be included in any good proposal. Since research paper writing is not something to be sniffed at, it is essential that a student understands the intricacies of writing a proposal first. Therefore, learn it from the experts by reading through our samples.