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A few points about formatting

1.   Paper. Make sure you use the standard size of paper, which is generally called A4 – it means it is 8.5 x 11inches)

2.   Margins. You need to maintain a margin of 1 inch on all four sides. Do not make it any bigger or smaller.

3.  Font and spacing. Stick to a simple one like Times New Roman; artistic fonts are not acceptable in a science research paper. Double line spacing is required right through the paper. This is applicable in the Bibliography and the Captions too.

4.   Numbering. Make sure that all pages are numbered. Page numbers are to be placed in the upper right margin, about half an inch away from the top. In some formats, like the MLA format, you need to put your last name along with the page number.

5.   Title page. This is optional depending on the exact science research paper formats and citation style that you use. You could also consult your teacher on this. Put it in only if it is required.

These are just some of the points that could help you do your research paper format well. If you are still a bit confused about what goes in where, you need to talk to one of our writers who would be able to help you out. Remember that when you are thorough with the science research paper format life becomes a lot easier. Research paper writing ceases to be a frightening prospect and you can take on as many papers as you wish to do.

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