Learn the format in which scientific research papers are presented

scientific research paperA scientific research paper need not necessarily be written by nerds or nutty professors; just about any science student can do it. As a science student, most of the papers written by you will come under the category of research papers. To be able to write a good scientific paper, all you will need is some reliable experimental data, a good analytical mind and a fresh perspective on the researched data. You will also need to know how to present your scientific paper; in a logical and organized manner. All science research papers need to be presented in a structured manner. Ensure that your paper consist of the following sections – title, abstract, introduction, materials and methodology, results, discussion and a reference page.

There are basically two types of scientific research papers assigned to you; they are:

1/-          A lab report based on an experiment

2/-          A literature review of the data gathered

The purpose of writing these papers are to:

1/-          Persuade other researchers to accept or reject your hypothesis

2/-          Present detailed data, methodologies and outcomes enabling future researchers to go through them

3/-          Enable your methods and discoveries to be accepted as factual knowledge by the scientific community when published at a later date

4/-          Provide a complete record of all the references and documents enabling future researchers to refer to your material for comparative study or as part of their research material

What are the various steps taken to write a scientific paper?

When writing a scientific research paper, all your theories or developing theories must be supported by valid data. Here are some tips on how to proceed and develop your scientific paper:-

1/-          Observe and formulate a question

Identify the problem you wish to tackle in your research paper. Formulate your thesis statement around this specific question.

2/-          Theory and prediction

A theory, which is a tentative solution to the problem or answer that you have identified, is derived and a test is made which can be proved or disproved.

3/-          Experiment

Once you have decided on the path for your research, you will need to design a study and conduct researches to collect relevant data and information to prove your hypothesis.

4/-          Results and analysis

The data that you obtain from you research has to be analyzed and summarized. Your conclusions need to be based on the observations that you have made from your study.

5/-          Assumptions and presumptions

Any theory that you develop must incorporate your findings as well as the findings of other researchers from their studies.

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