Your grades will reflect the quality of the research papers submitted by you

the research paperAssignments are given to students to see how well you have grasped your lessons in class. Writing research papers involve researching facts to support your topic and thesis statement and arranging these facts into a logical and organized order. Therefore the research paper reflects only your researching and organizational skills but also your understanding and writing capacity. When writing a research paper, there are several details that you will have to focus on to enable you to write an impressive paper.

1/-          Topic and thesis statement

Both these need to be formulated based on the given assignment. The topic should not be too broad or narrow as it would make researching and writing the research papers difficult. Your topic should enable you to analyze an issue in depth. The thesis statement on the other hand is brief compared to the research topic and it helps you to stay focused on the central idea of your research paper.

2/-          Format and structure

Facts and evidences are important to a research paper but presenting it in a well-structured manner using the correct formatting method will impress your teachers. All academic papers must consist of an introduction, the body and a conclusion.

-The introduction should introduce your research question and provide brief background information on your topic.

-The body is broken down to several parts that deal with the different aspects of your research question. All your arguments and evidences to support your theory should be presented in a logical order. You will also have to give credit to the resources that you are using to support your arguments in the research paper. Depending on the style, i.e. APA, MLA or Chicago, your in-text citation style varies. Know the various citation methods before you begin your work.

-The conclusion summarizes your arguments and should provide an answer to the questions raised in your research work.

3/-          Outlining and writing

Outlining your paper is a great way to arrange your thoughts and the gathered facts into an organized order. You may have gathered information from various sources; therefore you need to analyze these facts, understand the connection between the different sources and form them into a whole concept. Once you have decided on the format, structure and the logical sequence of your facts and evidences; writing your paper would be no big deal.

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