Theses for research papers should indicate key ingredients of the assignment question/statement

thesis for research paperPerhaps the most difficult part for any research paper writer is writing that single statement that defines both the topic and the central point of the assignment.  The thesis for research paper enables you to focus on your core argument as you plan and write. As for the reader, it helps him/her to see the direction you are pursuing and to stay focused on the central idea of the paper. Most students are unclear as to the purpose of the thesis statement and the placement of this statement in their research papers. Here are a few guidelines that should help clear your doubts:-

1/-          What is the purpose of the thesis statement?

The research for your assignment is conducted with the sole aim of giving shape to your thesis statement; and the objective of writing your research paper will be to prove your thesis statement. A research paper is basically persuasive in nature whereby you will have to convince your reader that your arguments are sound and that they are based on researched facts. From this you can summarize that all theses for research papers should support students’ academic arguments.

2/-          Where should the thesis statement appear?

Your thesis indicates the stand you are taking in your research paper. As your entire paper will be written around this statement, it should be mentioned at the start i.e. in the introductory paragraph. The rest of the paper will contain sound researched facts and evidences to support your argument.

How to write a good thesis statement

You will need to develop and state the thesis for research paper impressively. It has to a short and to the point statement. As this might be a difficult task, most students seek help and guidance from us. Here are some guidelines on how to write impressive theses:-

1/-          Based on the assignment, you must decide on an interesting topic. Research the topic well for facts and supporting evidences. A well written thesis statement should reflect the topic as well as support your facts.

2/-          Before formulating the hypothesis statement, form an opinion based on the facts that you have researched. These influence the purpose of your research paper and the thesis statement will indicate the direction you wish to pursue.

3/-          It is advisable to formulate and define the thesis statement before beginning work on the paper. This helps you stay focused on your topic and enables you to write your research paper more smoothly.

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