Topics for research papers – are you still searching?

If you are searching for a suitable topic for research paper writing and your search has been in vain; it means you haven’t gone through our site at all. There are so many bits of info that are going to get you thinking on the right track that you will be completely taken by surprise by it all. Anyway, let us not worry about the time that you have wasted in going through other sites; instead, concentrate on what you can do now.

A good research paper topic can do a lot

It is important to know why everybody makes such a fuss about a research paper topic. In order to understand the attributes completely, get to know what a research topic really is. Here are some points that will give you the right picture –

1/-       The broad subject area

A research topic is usually a phrase or a word or two. Usually, a topic is further expanded into a question or a sentence. Here are some examples of topics in marketing, for instance –

a/-       Marketing on the basis of referrals

b/-       Multi-level Marketing

c/-        Marketing a service

2/-       Leads to the research question

The three topics mentioned above are just broad areas in which you are supposed to write your research paper. However, it is important to understand that once you see these phrases or terms, you are able to understand what the research question will be like. Therefore, if the topic is Multi-level Marketing, for instance, you will have to go through the next step before you start writing your paper. Here, the next step is the research question. This is bound to consist of two or three statements and one or two questions that set the tone for your research.

3/-       Interest and focus

Another vital point that many students tend to miss while choosing topics for research papers is this: the interest and the focus element. To begin with, they pick on a topic that is nowhere near interesting and hence lose focus of what they are supposed to do, half way through! This is enough to take them off the track and land up where they did not want to be.

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