Since you are looking for good topics to write research papers on, pick our firm to help you

topics to write a research paperAs a student of English Literature, there are times when you would be glad to write on just about anything provided someone suggested a topic. Now, this is the catch. How to you find the right topic when you are not quite sure of what would please a teacher? You know that you have to select an interesting topic – this is what you have been told. But which topic is interesting? How do you find out? Is there a book in your library that lists interesting topics? Since the answer to these three questions is a big no; you will have to depend on a professional firm to suggest topics to write a research paper on.

Some ways to find topics

1/-  Make sure that you know the exact subject area that you need to cover. For instance, if you are an English Literature student, you need to know whether you have to work on Elizabethan, African American, Contemporary, Old English Literature or any other branch of study.

2/-  Once you have this in hand, you can start reading to identify a few potential topics. Here again, we would like to use an example to help you choose topics to write research papers on. Let us imagine that you are keen on working on the poetry section of African American writers. Here are some topics you could think of –

a/  The angst and the anger in the poetry of Langston Hughes

b/  Comparative study of the poems of Nikki Giovanni, Maya Angelou and Gwendolyn Brooks

c/  Gender identity issues in The Color Purple written by Alice Walker

d/  Beyond race and protest – commentary on the works of Countee Cullen and W.E.B. Du Bois

e/  Is love possible amongst strife, racial prejudice and poverty? Examine works of Black poets

3/-  As soon as you read these topics mentioned above, your mind will start working on the various points that you can bring in. When you choose topics to write a research paper on, you will realize that the more info you have, the easier it is to work on a particular topic. It gives you enough to play around with and decide on the most important data that has to be included. Once you are sure of the content, you can decide that working on a topic will be useful.

4/-  While choosing a good topic, you will probably be tempted to work on a good outline at the same time. this is a good idea, provided you don’t get caught up in this and lose track of time. Remember that the success of a research paper depends on both the topic as well as the deadline.

Here, we have used English Literature as an example. If you need the same kind of advice for another subject, please let us know. Our suggestions for topics to write research papers on could be made more effective. We can also help you learn how to cite research paper once you have mastered the research paper outline rubric. So call us for a good research paper topic as soon as you need one.