What are researches all about – find out here!

what is researchWhat is research? This is a question that could prove to be a bit tricky if you are the sort who has not delved deep into the topic on which you are writing. Fortunately, you are not very far from help; there is always a lot around the corner that you will find useful. Instead of going around in circles, literally trying to chase your tail; it would be better to talk to our reps. You are sure to get some good points that you could use in your writing.

Three basic steps

Any kind of research that you come across follows three basic steps. Of course, you will find that there are slight variations in these steps when there are changes in the subjects. Here are the three steps

1/-       Investigation

2/-       Analysis

3/-       Evaluation

When you are wondering what are researches done for, you need to remember these three basic points. First you need to investigate the whole background of the research question, idea or topic. The next step involves the analysis of all the data that you have gathered. This could be primary data which is to be sieved through till you come up with the data that is really going to be used. The third and final step is the evaluator phase. Here, you evaluate the results that you have obtained and you try to come to a conclusion based on the parameters that you have specified at the outset. All these put together will answer the question: what is a research paper?

Some steps to remember while doing research

1/-       Make sure you know where you are heading; if you don’t, please ascertain that first.

2/-       If the topic is clear, start collecting primary data and then begin categorizing it

3/-       Think of the best outline or structure that you can follow to get your ideas across

4/-       Begin formulating the thesis statement so that you have a great deal of focus

5/-       Put your literature review together and make a list of important sources

6/-       Next, ensure that you have your research methodology laid out

7/-       Run your tests and make sure that your analysis is complete

8/-       Put all your results together to facilitate easy evaluation

9/-       Finally, draw your paper to a close; tie up loose ends and give final comments

Are you still going to ask: what is research? Not really; if you have gone through these steps. But we also understand that it is quite difficult for you to put everything together because of the paucity of time. The best thing would be for you to call us for help.

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