Learn to write MLA format term papers the proper way

mla format term paperA research paper, or a term paper or any other kind of academic paper has to be presented in a specific writing style required by the teacher. Most teachers would indicate the writing style required; but if not, it is important for students to be knowledgeable on the different style available. An APA style is used when presenting and citing papers in the social science category, while the MLA format is used for subjects in humanities and liberal arts. Therefore students studying literature, history, fine and performing arts, religion, philosophy etc. need to present a MLA format term paper.

Understand the rules of the format

There are several rules that you need to know when writing MLA format term papers. Unless you follow these rules and formatting methods properly, your grades will be affected. Here are some guidelines for you to follow:-

1/-       Page layout

In this format, a separate title page is not required. The first page contains details such as your name, the instructor’s name, school and class details, date of submission and the title/topic for your paper which is centered. Margins on all sides of the paper should be set to 1 inch. Decide on a font style and size that is easy to read. Your text should be doubled spaced through your research paper.  All consecutive pages should have a page header i.e. your last name and the page number.

2 /-      In-text citations

These are very important when writing a MLA format term paper. This method enables your readers to track your sources as they read your research paper. You will need to mention within parenthesis the last name of the author along with the page number of the information you have used. Full details of your sources will be noted in the works cited page; therefore in-text citation correlates to the entries made in your works cited page. Your sources should be listed down alphabetically.

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