Psychology term paper topic – think differently

Writing term papers might not be everybody’s cup of tea; but you can certainly make a difference if you want to. Very often, a student wants to prove that his or her way of thinking could bring about an excellent essay or a term paper in Psychology. The reason why these students are not able to translate this into action is because they don’t have the right Psychology term paper topic to work on. We could help you with topics, topics and more topics! All you have to do is just ask!

Try these out first

1.    Sigmund Freud is commonly known as the father of Psychology. However, have you given sufficient thought to the statement that he could have been wrong in some of his theories? Well, this is a matter that cannot be discussed over a cup of tea. Instead, you need to delve into the research of those who succeeded him. Maybe his students or associates who were impressed by his theories, but not completely convinced. Think of Carl Jung for instance; pick up his works and begin going through them to understand in what way he deviated from the established Freudian theories.

2.    Psychology and genetics: this could be quite an interesting topic to work on. In fact you could think of many Psychology term paper topics in this area as there are many revolutionary studies being carried out at the moment. These new studies place great emphasis on the mind and how in the long run, changes could be passed on through the human genome to future progeny. It might sound like a very long shot, right now, but it is certainly worth exploring.

3.    The mindset of a suicide bomber: a disturbing, but truly interesting Psychology term paper topic. Think about what could be going through the mind of a young man or woman who realizes that within the next couple of minutes he or she is going to be blown to smithereens. They are also aware of the fact that only they can stop the human carnage that is about to ensue. In a situation like this, what propels them to self-destruction? What are the psychological and social factors that are present in this event? Are they much beyond the control of the bomber themselves? Your term paper could be an insightful piece of investigative psychology that delves deep into the human psyche for answers.

4.    Into the world of OCD: focus on Obsessive Compulsory Disorder as one of the Psychology term paper topics that you shortlist. It is very distressing to see a person suffering from OCD; especially if it is a loved one. You could focus on simple cases of OCD and also examine why this happens. Is it a physiological problem is it one that concerns the state of mind? You could also try to find means of mitigating the impact of this strange but common affliction, with the use of counseling and medication. This would certainly make your term paper different from the rest of the class.