How are term papers APA format different from other styles?

term paper apa formatTerm papers are meant to check if you have been paying attention in the classroom and have understood the topic discussed. When your teacher asks you to write a term paper APA format, ensure that you know the rules and methods for this style. Unless you adhere to the rules of the style, it may affect your grades.

Most writing styles have similar structures i.e. you will need to have a title page, an abstract page if required by the teacher, the main body page and finally the reference page. The difference between an APA style and other writing styles is found in the referencing manner. You will not only have to mention the references to your sources in the reference page, but also next to the text you have used as in-text citation.

Learn to write APA format references

The purpose for writing the reference in research papers is to acknowledge the usage of other people’s ideas and research otherwise you will be accused of plagiarism. Resource materials can be obtained from books or the internet. There are two parts to the referencing when presenting term papers APA format:-

1/-       In-text citation

This is written at the end of the quoted text in parenthesis. When reference sources are obtained from books, you will need to mention the author’s last name and the year of publication along with the page number of the referred text. On the other hand when the source is from the internet, then you will need to mention the author’s last name first followed by the first name. Year of article publication must be in parenthesis. Title of article comes next followed by the name of the website written in italics. The date you visited the website must be written in the mm/dd/yy format. These details must be written in the order mentioned.

2/-       Reference or bibliography

All references mentioned as in-text citation in the term paper APA format should be mentioned again on a separate page. This is the reference page or bibliography. The list on this page should provide all the information necessary to identify and retrieve each source used in your paper. All entries should be written in an alphabetical order by the author’s last name and initials. When here are two or more authors for a single referred work, an ampersand should be used instead of the word and.  Sources without authors should also be arranged alphabetically within the same list by title. Sources obtained from the internet should include a digital object identifier, a stable URL or the home page of the site you retrieved the work from.

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